This weeks photo is a sunrise shot of the tulip fields of Holland. We had been wanting to photograph the Hollands tulip fields for some time. But our tight shooting schedule always seemed to get in the way. This April we found ourselves with a few days free in the diary at just the right time to capture the tulips in full bloom. We booked a ferry, loaded the van and set off for Lisse. A small town just Southwest of Amsterdam famous for its tulip fields. Lisse is also famous for the Keukenhof gardens. Perfectly manicured gardens filled with every type and colour of Tulip imaginable.

Whilst we were in Holland we also thought it would be the perfect time to scout out locations and arrange logistics for a new tour of the tulip fields of Holland. After exploring the area fully around Lisse we headed North to find the perfect location that had tulip fields and windmills. This is a lot harder than you may imagine, but we did it! There is not a lot of information on this location so it was a real rare find. One sure fire way to find these hidden and sought after spots is to join us on a photo tour of the stunning tulip fields of Holland.

Tulip Fields of Holland

Camera settings; ISO 640, f/11 @ 1/80 sec

Gear; Nikon D850 with 16-35 f4 G lens with Lee Filters 0.9 ND Soft ND Grad supported on by a ball head Manfrotto tripod & edited with Adobe Lightroom. Gear was stored in the LowePro Whistler BP 450 AW.

We are still in the process of finalising the dates and itinerary for our Tulip fields of Holland tour. But in the meantime, you may like to take a look at our range of photo tours and workshops.

Tulip Fields of Holland

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