Have you ever thought of going on photography workshops? If like most photographers you have begun to get itchy feet about heading out again to capture some photos, it might be a good time to think about attending one.

But with so many choices out there, choosing the right one might seem like taking a stab in the dark. So here is a guide on what to look for when booking a workshop.


What are you going to learn?

It might seem like a silly question to ask, but it is important to know what you hope to achieve from the workshop. For example, you might be interested in learning more about night photography or street photography. In which case attending a landscape photography workshop might not teach you what you want to know.

Start by making a list of what you want to learn on a photography course or workshop. Then find one that will match what you want to learn.

Corfe castle dorset sunrise

What level do you need to be at?

This one of the most important questions to ask about a workshop. There’s no shame in being a beginner. We have all been there and had to learn things like camera settings and about different camera equipment.

But for example, if you are attending a workshop about advanced studio lighting but you are not sure about the basics, you might not get much out of it. The road to capturing quality images takes time and practice so make sure you check what level you need to be at to get the most out of the workshop.


Where will the workshop be held?

Simply type “photography workshops near me” into Google and you will get hundreds if not thousands of results. But choosing one near you might not always be the best option. Instead, search for one that will give you what you are looking to learn.

But also importantly check who your instructors will be? Now we are not saying that you have to book yourself in with Steve McCurry, but have a look at their work. Do you like it? Is their style something that appeals to you?

Whether it’s a one day workshop or a wildlife photography holiday, the person teaching you is vital to your learning. So don’t be afraid to examine their work.

Dorset Photography workshops

Is there variety on the workshop?

Even if you are predominantly a landscape photographer you can still benefit from learning other disciplines of photography. This might be as simple as adding a little bit portrait photography or macro photography on location.

It doesn’t have to be in too much depth but something to help break up the same routine. Because the more you improve your overall photography skills the better you will become at your chosen genre.

Cotswolds workshop

What equipment do you need to take with you?

Not everyone who starts their photography journey will have all the necessary equipment for their needs. It can expensive to buy everything you need in one go. Many photographers add to their equipment over time.

So make sure you ask what equipment or accessories you need to take with you. If you don’t have something can they loan you that equipment?

For example on a recent Lake District photography workshops, we provided tripods for a couple of the students. Or why we carry a couple of sets of Lee filters that we can lend people.

durdle door photo workshop

Will there time or reviews and post-processing?

Not all workshops will allocate time for reviewing images and post-processing tips and advice. It might be that the hectic schedule doesn’t allow for it. That doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t attend that workshop. But it would be nice if you could get some on your images, right?

Check with workshop organiser if there is time allocated for reviews. If not are they willing to give you feedback after the event?

london photography workshop

Photography workshops UK or abroad?

Which is best? Well, that really depends on all of the questions above and your budget. You don’t need to attend a workshop in a foreign faraway country to improve your photography.

The British Isles offer some of the best landscape photography locations around. Check out our landscape photography workshops UK to find out more. Or even our photography workshop London page to see how you can improve your photography in one of the best capital cities in the world.

But it’s always nice to tick off places from your bucket list. What better way to do that than a photography workshop or tour.

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Kav Dadfar is a writer and travel photographer who has written over 400 articles on photography. He is also a judge on the Wanderlust Travel Photography of the Year competition and a speaker at camera clubs and events. He has years of experience shooting assignments with his images having been used by some of the biggest brands in the world.

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