Social Media Marketing for Photographers & Creatives

£99 per person (choose your own dates) – Online

This 2-hour, online course is specifically designed for creative professionals, entrepreneurs and freelancers (especially photographers) looking to market their business through the use of social media. The entire course takes place over video chat, so it can be done remotely.

Social Media Marketing for Photographers

Course Information

We will first cover some of the basics of social media practices and strategies. Some of the topics we will cover include:

  • What is the point of social media? Why even bother?
  • Psychological aspects of social media – exactly what is it that makes people buy what you’re selling?
  • Creating a relatable and well-defined brand image
  • Choosing which platforms are a best fit for your business.

Once we have covered the basics we will go further in-depth into:


  • Understanding Facebook algorithms
  • Decoding Facebook insights
  • What to post, when to post it and how to phrase it for maximum interaction and effectiveness
  • Creating an effective ad campaign (including real time demo)


  • Understanding Instagram algorithms
  • Creating a consistent feed aesthetic
  • Increasing interaction
  • Creating constant and meaningful follower growth
  • Utilizing hashtags and photo tags
  • Creating user generated content

Finally, we’ll bring it all together:

  • Contests & collaborations
  • Using social media marketing alongside in-person networking and traditional print marketing
  • 10 Best Social Media Practices (These are tried and true industry tips)

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What are the requirements?

No requirements! Though it may be helpful to have a Facebook business page, or an Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest account before beginning if you’d like to follow along.

How long will the course take to complete?

The course should take about 2 hours to complete.

What kind of materials are included?

Each section includes live step-by-step demos, as well as downloadable worksheets that allow you to directly apply these techniques to your own business and brand.

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Why take this course?

The most successful businesses adapt with the changing times, and at this moment in time, there is no such thing as a comprehensive marketing strategy that doesn’t include a strong social media presence. We will show you how to turn followers into advocates and promoters of your brand. The sooner you get started the sooner you can turn your part-time hobby into a full-time career.

Social Media Marketing for photographers – BOOK NOW

Equipment Needed

Laptop with access to the internet. You may also find it useful to have some social media accounts so that you can follow along.

Choose Your Own Dates - Book Now (£99)


NOTE: This is a 2 hour one to one online workshop. Upon receiving your booking we will contact you to confirm the date that you would like to have your workshop. Prices quoted are per person.

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