Photography Workshops

Our photography workshops are intensive 1 to 7 day experiences based on different scenarios that travel photographers face. Whether it’s in a classroom or on location, you can improve your photography skills in a real-life environment with expert tuition, advice, and tips. These workshops are perfect for a beginner or intermediate photographers who want to improve their photography in various scenarios that they may struggle in. But even if you are starting out in photography you will find these workshops invaluable in helping you progress in your photography journey.

Why You Should Attend A Workshop

Learning about photography at home is a great way to introduce yourself to photography. The theory and technical elements of photography are all important to know. But unfortunately often in real life situations, you have to adapt and think quickly. You have to be able to solve technical issues that you may face to be able to capture the photo that you want. The best way to learn to do this is in a classroom or on location taking pictures in real life situations. There are very few times that you will ever find the perfect conditions for photography. So often you have to compromise or find solutions to challenges.

In photography, every scenario is different. As a result, it needs its own thought process, settings, and techniques. By attending a photography workshop, you can learn to find solutions to the photographic challenges you face. But also to push yourself beyond your comfort levels. This is done with tasks and challenges designed to improve your photography skills. Your tutor will be able to answer questions and provide feedback on images that you take.

If you want to learn how to photograph a specific scenario or improve your photography, then consider attending one of our photography workshops.

Some Of The Things You Will Learn On Our Workshops
Our range of photography workshops are designed to cover various photography scenarios. Here is how you can benefit from attending one of our photography workshops
– Introduction to photography and using your DSLR camera
– Learn how to photograph different scenarios such as markets
– Build confidence in approaching and photographing strangers
– How to see and capture fleeting moments
– Get tips, advice, and techniques to help you capture better images
– Dos and don’ts of different photography scenarios
– Learn to take better pictures using your phone
– What to look for to capture great images
– Ideal settings and techniques for each scenario
– How to market your photography business
– Introduction to post-processing software such as Lightroom and Photoshop
– One to one mentoring
Workshop Or Photo Tour?

You might be wondering what the difference is between a photography workshop and a photo tour? For one, our workshops are shorter in duration ranging from 1 – 8 days. They are also usually held in one location with limited travel to different places. Workshops range from a classroom or studio to out in the field. The main focus of a photography workshop is for you to learn something specific. This is often on particular topics or themes. For example, we might focus on market photography one day and street photography on another day. Workshops also include more time dedicated to things like camera settings for beginners, or how to use filters.

Photo tours are usually longer in duration than workshops. Our photo tours typically range from 5 – 14+ days in length. The extra time will allow us to move around the country or area where the tour is taking place.  The main goal of our photo tours is for you to build a diverse collection of images from that destination. All our photo tours and workshops run by experienced professional photographers. They will be on hand to offer advice and help you if you need it.


Workshop Group Size

We want to ensure that all attendees get plenty of one to one time during the duration of the workshop. For this reason, we limit our photography workshops to a maximum of 8 people. But in the vast majority of workshops, this number will be much smaller. So, you will have plenty of one to one time with your tutor.

Want To Know More?

Have a question or want to know more? Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.