Long Term Photography Mentor Sessions For Travel, Landscape & Commercial Photographers

Our long term photography mentor sessions are ideal for amateur or professional photographers who are looking to run a successful photography business. The goal is very simple; our mentoring programmes allow you to get the regular help and guidance needed to improve your skills and help you build a more successful and profitable photography business.

With over 20 years working as professional photographers, we have seen it all and have the knowledge, experience and expertise to improve your photography and grow your business. Whether you are a travel or portrait photographer (or even wedding photographers) we can help.

We have the expertise to help your business grow

With clients from National Geographic and Lonely Planet to British Airways and Microsoft, we will help you improve your shooting techniques, expand and streamline your business whilst attracting more of those dream clients.

Having a successful, full-time photographer guiding you along your journey can be hugely valuable asset in your business and will easily pay for itself as long as you are prepared to put the hard work in between sessions.

Prices starting from just £500 a month

*limited spaces are available each year for our long term mentoring programs.  

Long Term photography mentor sessions

How do long term photography mentor sessions work?

Our long term photography mentor sessions will have scheduled skype sessions totalling 12 hours a month split however suits you best. We suggest keeping these sessions to a maximum of 4 hours per session but full days are available for those who feel they can handle it. Your online mentor will also be on hand throughout the month to help with any little things that may arise on the day to day running of your business should you need it.

We have a unique approach to photography and the business of photography which we will discuss in detail. Photography mentor sessions will be filled with tips, trick and advice on shooting, editing techniques and finding your niche which any business owner will find invaluable. 

This will open your eyes to a new way of shooting and fill your head with fresh ideas to revolutionise your approach to the business of photography. 

Tailored sessions based on your needs

Sessions will be designed around you, your catchment areas and your style of photography. Aside from working through your specific areas where you feel you need improvement, we will also discuss a range of additional topics to really take your photography business through the roof. Common topics include:

  • Marketing
  • Shooting for copy
  • Workflow
  • Shooting techniques
  • Shoot Research
  • Planning
  • Pitching
  • SEO
  • Advanced Editing
  • Back-up & storage
  • Attracting clients
  • Retaining clients 
  • Defining your style
  • Social Media
  • Business plan
  • Trendsetting
  • Getting published
  • Selling Images
  • Merchandise
  • Sponsorship
  • Website Critiques
  • Video/Filming
  • Expansion
  • Alternative revenue streams
photography mentor sessions

3 to 12 months of expert help and training

Long term photography mentor sessions are usually between 3 to 12 months in duration and often even longer.  If long term photography mentoring is something you are interested in then please get in touch and we can discuss taking things further. We only accept a limited number of photography mentor sessions a year so don’t hang about or you may miss out.

Our long term online photography mentoring sessions can be best summed up by a quote from one of our past clients, wildlife photographer Ann: “These sessions have been the best tax detectable money I have ever spent on my business”. 

photography mentor sessions

Photography mentoring UK, or the world

Our photography  mentoring UK is available to all levels and from any location. Plenty of our current photography mentor sessions are with clients across the globe from Europe to Japan and North America. The only stipulation is a good grasp of English as we are currently only able to offer our photography mentor sessions in English.

Ready to start your mentoring program? Or maybe you want to know more? Email us at