Photography goes beyond snapping aesthetically pleasing subjects. It is a craft that enables people to capture fleeting moments and frame memories in a different light.


It’s also about finding a stimulating visual point of interest in an otherwise mundane scenery, many of which can be manipulated by seeing it from a unique angle. With the proper camera and vision, photography can make life much richer.

Whether you’re a budding photographer or a hobbyist in search of ways to improve your skills, taking a shot in photography classes is the way to go. Meeting with other photographers and learning from them can help you advance much quicker in your process. To that end, here are what you can expect and the benefits you gain from joining a photography course.


1. Gain knowledge on the latest hardware and software for taking photos

Whether you’re choosing between film or digital photography, classes offer lectures that introduce you to various hardware you’ll need to equip in your journey as a photographer. Modern times come with increasingly complex emergence of equipment, and for you to develop your skills, you will first learn the ins-and-outs of a camera.

Classes are the perfect opportunity to learn the basics of how to operate either a digital or film camera. Beyond that, they also provide lessons that would enhance your post-production process, including advanced Photoshop and Lightroom techniques to help improve your craft. The latter involves learning how to correct your photos, digitally change exposure as appropriately needed, and colour grade it to a style that suits your taste.


2. Learn different types of photography

Most photographers gravitate towards a specific style when starting out, while some are interested in the craft but have no idea where to start. To that end, joining a class will help budding photographers branch out into other subjects – be it nature, urban, portraits, weddings, fashion, lifestyle, food, or even sporting events.


3. Improve lighting techniques

Good lighting is the foundation of taking a quality photo. It can make or break an image, which is why photography classes offer lectures on how to create, manipulate, and capture the right light for either indoor or outdoor photos. There are various degrees to this skill; some classes provide introductory lighting courses, while others delve deeper and devote the entire sessions on developing this crucial skill.


4. Learn technical skills on correct exposure and filters

Knowing how to correct exposure is a function that makes up a large essence of photography. With that in mind, taking classes is the perfect opportunity to develop your skills under the supervision of knowledgeable professionals. This is a time and place where you can hone the proficiency required to create compelling visuals, along with understanding the correct compositions of ‘in camera’ elements such as exposure and filters.


5. Classes help you practice and apply what you learn

Photography classes place you in the field and enable you to put your training on technical skills and theory to use immediately. Backing up the lectures with practice sessions also help you develop your skills and understand it quickly as you go through the process of trial and error with like-minded peers. To that end, taking a class on photography opens up the opportunity for you to make photography feel like second nature, so the time can come wherein you are knowledgeable enough to execute your artistic vision.


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Kav Dadfar is a travel photographer and author of over 300 articles on photography. He has years of experience shooting assignments with his images having been used by some of the biggest brands in the world.

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