Consultation – Online Photography Classes For All Levels

Our photography consultations can be booked by the hour up to a maximum of 4 hours. During this time you will have a one to one Skype session with one of our professional photographers who will happily discuss/help/advise you on whatever photography issues you may be facing.

Consultation – Online Photography Classes

Cornwall UK

2 hours

2 hour session – £150

Cowboy boots in Texas USA

3 hours

3 hour session – £200

Hot air balloons Turkey

4 hours

4 hour session – £240

*For longer sessions take a look at our Photography Courses & Long Term Mentoring

Book your photography consultation today

It could be that you are struggling to capture those pin-sharp photos. Or your editing might be holding back your photos. You may simply want another pair of eyes on your portfolio of work.

Before the consultation, you will be sent a questionnaire which will help us tailor the session based on your needs. You don’t need to worry, however small or basic your photography challenges may be, our pros are here to help.

Online photography classes & training

The consultation sessions can be online photography classes or troubleshooting sessions and would be suitable for; travel photography, landscape photography, wildlife photography and adventure, lifestyle, commercial, or portrait photographers.

All consultations will include practical exercises designed to put what have learnt over the course of discussion into practice.

Online and one to one via Skype

Our online photography classes are run primarily via zoom or Skype either in video, voice or even type based on your personal preferences and requirements. We do recommend using video chat for any beginner photography course as there are more visual aids required.

Not sure if you will benefit from a consultation or how many hours you may need? Drop us an email on and one of our friendly advisors will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

Skype Photography Training

Your virtual online photography school

When we started researching our online photography classes all those years ago I couldn’t find any photography classes near me. We quickly realised that lots of photographers were looking to learn and improve their photography skills but couldn’t find the level of expertise they were looking for locally.

The obvious answer was to set up a digital photography school. A set of online photography classes for beginners to advanced run by a professional photographer where people can come and learn easily, quickly and efficiently.

Easily accessible sessions for everyone

Easily accessible photography training courses for everyone is the goal. It doesn’t matter if you are on the other side of the world, you can still benefit from the knowledge and experience of our awarding winning photography tutors.

Our online photography courses are individually designed. Whether you want some tips on basic camera settings so that you can move away from automatic settings or you want to master aperture and shutter speeds. Maybe you need to fine-tuning an aspect of your business.

A consultation could be just what you need. You can even book more advanced online course options such as advanced shooting, editing techniques or marketing.

Photography Classes

Learn from experienced professional photographers

With years of experience teaching photography, our photography lessons are designed to be easy to follow. They are filled with lots of unique techniques and methods to improve any area of your photography you may be having trouble with.

These are primarily digital photography courses suitable for any level of digital camera from the fixed lens point and shoots to DSLR photography. Our lead mentors Jordan Banks and Kav Dadfar have worked as full-time professional photographers for almost 20 years and are perfectly placed to guide you through your photographic journey. With editorial clients including National Geographic and Lonely Planet to commercial clients such as British Airways and Credit Suisse, the That Wild Idea team have the knowledge, experience and knowhow to improve your photography and business.

Check out our courses or mentoring programs

We also run photography courses and photography mentoring online that may also be of interest if you are looking for a more in-depth or long term plan than our online photography class consultations. These are again run from beginner courses to intermediate and advanced.

A tobacco farmer making a Cuban cigar in Vinales, Pinar del Rio Province, Cuba