As a Nikon Photographer, I was approached a few weeks ago about taking part in N Photo magazines apprentice piece. This is a major 10 page feature. As a travel and location Nikon photographer, I was tasked with taking an N Photo reader on a tour of London’s best photo locations. The aim was for him to shoot a variety of street scenes and landscapes under my expert guidance.

Nikon Photographer Jordan Banks

Steve (the apprentice & Nikon photographer), myself and the N Photo magazine editor Adam met up one afternoon at the end of April on London’s South bank. We spent the first hour getting to know each other. We talked through camera settings, workflow and our goals from the upcoming shoot. All the time Adam was taking notes and photos of us to go with the article. It was a little strange to start with having someone photograph me teaching. But before long I had almost forgotten Adam was even taking photos.

N Photo magazine

The Shoot

We were lucky with the weather. It was a beautiful afternoon and evening for photography. I had put together a short route that included some of London’s most iconic locations. Our first location was the iconic scene along the River Thames from Waterloo bridge.

As the sun started to fade and the soft afternoon light arrived, we headed East along the Thames to photograph St Paul’s Cathedral. The spot I had chosen aligns St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Millennium Bridge when viewed from the South Bank of the river. By this point, Steve was hitting his stride. He was starting to get used to the tripod and filters we were using for the shoot. Not to mention finding some cracking compositions.

We then had a quick stop in One New Change to photograph more abstract image of St Paul’s. Then we headed back to the river to capture the sun setting over tower bridge, the shard and the Tower of London.

Even though it was getting late, Steve was still up for more photography. So we headed to one final location on the South Bank to capture a beautiful night scene. We used the neon lit railings outside City Hall as the perfect example lead in lines in our images.

Steve was a great apprentice and an absolute pleasure to spend time teaching the art of travel photography to.

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