London On Lockdown

In the Spring of 2020 under the direction of the prime minister Boris Johnson London and the UK went into lock down due to the outbreak of the Corona virus. London is one of the busiest cities in the world but became practically deserted overnight with the streets populated only by the brave key workers battling to save lives and keep us all safe. Watch our London on lock down video below.

As a photo journalist Jordan was assigned to shoot the story of the impact the coronavirus cases had on the community’s in London and the home counties. This was no easy task as social distancing rules had been put in place but Jordan felt it was a story that needed telling so agreed to undertake the commission.

It was very strange walking around London with all the pubs and restaurants shut and streets bare of human existence. Weeds even started to seep through the cracks in the concrete due to the lack of footfall from London on Lockdown.

London On Lockdown

I hope you enjoyed Jordan’s London on Lockdown film and can keep the memory of what happened here in the history books. Hopefully never to be repeated.

Lockdown measures have been tough on us all so if anyone ever needs to chat or help with daily task please do let us know. The team at That Wild Idea are always here to help and know how important it is for all our mental health that we all maintain in support of our communities to see us through these incredibly rough times. However big or small please don,t hesitate to reach out to us via phone, email or any of our social channels.

London on Lockdown

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Jordan Banks is a successful travel photographer and Lee Filters & Cruise America brand ambassador. With almost 20 years of experience shooting assignments and campaigns for some of the world’s leading brands, companies & tourist boards such as British Airways, Credit Suisse & Visit England. His editorial work has appear on the covers of National Geographic, Lonely Planet, Sunday Times travel and many more. If you would like to learn more from Jordan or join him in the field, why not join one of his travel photography marketing courses.

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