There are so many things to do in Iceland its hard to know where to start. The Iceland landscape has it all. From the northern lights and geothermal areas to the blue water and black sand and I haven’t even mentioned the swimming pools, blue lagoon hot springs and pristine hiking trails. Easy to see now why we keeping visiting Iceland in such numbers.

Iceland Images

Iceland Images – beautiful Iceland

One of the biggest Iceland attractions is to capture the northern lights. There are a number of operators who run northern lights tours but with so many incredible Iceland views you can often just take a few steps from your accommodation to witness the incredible Aurora Borealis. If you really want to go to see the lights at there very best then book an Iceland northern lights photo tour with a professional Iceland photo guide like the ones That Wild Idea offer.

Iceland Pictures

Some of the best photo spots in Iceland and the most accessible year around are located on or very near the route 1 ring road. This makes taking some really great Iceland photos at some of the best places to visit in Iceland super easy. There is no shortage of space at most of Iceland’s tourist attractions so even when one spot is filled with amateur or professional photographers you can still find the space to take some cracking Iceland pictures of your own.

Things to do in Iceland

Some of the most iconic Iceland images contain one of the hundreds of waterfalls dotted throughout the national parks and beyond. No photography tour would be complete without a visit to at least one waterfall. One of the most impressive and easily accessible waterfalls is Gullfoss waterfall and often included on a day tour from Reykjavik. Gullfoss is not only a great spot for photographing Iceland but its also a fine example of the tectonic plate movement that has a huge part to play in Iceland’s landscape.

Things to do in Iceland

Of all the hundreds of things to do in Iceland, I think the Diamond beach is one of my favourite place to capture some awesome Iceland images. The giant blocks of ice crack from the glacier and into the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon where they are then pushed out to sea before finally coming back to rest on the black sands of Diamond beach.

The beach got its name because when you view the hundreds of varying sizes of ice blocks it looks like the beach as been covered with these uncut gems. Get up close and it’s even more impressive.

Iceland Photos
Iceland Images

Iceland is also famous for its volcanic black sand beaches. A great place to easily see take some quintessential Iceland pics is around Vik in the very south of the country. It’s not just the volcanic sand but the interesting rock formations and wild ocean that make the Vik area so enchanting.

Iceland Landscapes

One of the great things about taking Iceland images is that you don’t always need a perfect day to capture some incredibly atmospheric images of the Iceland Landscape. Cloud cover often actually makes your Iceland photos more impactful. With those brief cracks of light that illuminate and highlight key areas of your frame. You could also try using ND filters to achieve a slow shutter speed and add some movement into your scene.

Iceland Pictures
Iceland Photos

One of the most iconic Iceland images and even Iceland landscapes is the view from the waterfall in the foreground looking over the Kirkjufell mountain.

Kirkjufell is my favourite place to take Iceland photos and whilst it’s a little off the beaten track, it’s well worth a visit. Located in the Snæfellsjökull National Park on the Snæfellsnes peninsula you are very isolated but the landscape is just incredible.

Other key spots on the peninsula are Lóndrangar and Dyrhólaey. With their rugged cliff landscapes and natural arches formed over millennia from the rough sea, they make for some stunning landscape images. One final thing to do in Iceland’s Snæfellsnes peninsula is to visit the black church at Budir. If you are lucky you may even get to see it with the Northern lights looming over.

Iceland Landscapes
Iceland Images

One of the out the way things to do in Iceland is to visit the Vestrahorn mountain in the south-east near the town of Hofn on the Stokksnes peninsula.

One of the most recognisable Iceland images is that of the Vestrahorn reflecting in the mirror-like shallow waters of the bay but it’s not the only photo to take here.

The dramatic peaks of this spiky mountain (nicknamed Batman Mountian by the locals) reach a little over 450 metres high. These peaks drop down to glorious black sand beach filled with undulating sand dunes and coastal vegetation that provides a stark contrast and some great foreground interest to provide a sense of scale to the mountain. This scene is especially stunning when covered in snow

Iceland Pictures

The Iceland landscape can be very harsh and unforgiving so its important to have the right gear when taking those amazing Iceland images. A good thick warm coat, thermals (I like a onesie), gloves, hat, lots of layers, waterproof hiking boots and crampons are a must. Even if you ate visiting in summer, you still need to dress warmly. You don’t want the cold or wet feet affecting your photography.

One of the other things to do in Iceland is visiting one of the many thermal baths in Reykjavik. After a long week shooting Iceland, kick back, relax and unwind thinking about all the great Iceland pictures you have taken.

Iceland is one of the world’s greatest photography destinations and you won’t be disappointed if you go there. We run an incredible Iceland photography tour that encompasses all of the main sights. Under the guidance of a professional photographer, you can capture those iconic landscape shots that you will be proud of.

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