In this video, photographer Jordan Banks makes a short trip to shoot some bluebell photography in the fields just a few hundred metres from his house at sunrise.

Springtime in the UK is all about the bluebell fields and quite obviously the best time for bluebell photography. Follow along as Jordan takes you through his process of capturing these brief and beautiful fields.

The bluebell fields are best shot in the early morning when the sun peaks through the trees. This provides some awesome back lighting to create some natural leading lines from the shadows formed by the trees. That being said there are locations where the late afternoon sun or even middle of the day light can look beautiful. The bluebells appear to change colour from a purple to blue and even a kind of pink dependent on the tungsten level of the light hitting the flowers.

Bluebell Photography

Bluebell photography doesn’t just have to be about landscapes photos. Bluebell fields make great bluebell wedding photography shots or family and dog photo shoots.

Over the past few years Jordan and That Wild Idea have run a bluebell photography workshop. Unfortunately that wasn’t possible this year but we hope to have everything back up and running again for our 2021 bluebell photography workshop. If you would like to be added to the waiting list for this workshop then please drop us an email or give us a call and you will be the first know when the dates are released.

If this video has inspired you to get out and shoot some bluebell photography we would love to see it and hear all about the different locations and conditions you have found.

Photography workshops UK or abroad?

Which is best? Well, that really depends on all of the questions above and your budget. You don’t need to attend a workshop in a foreign faraway country to improve your photography.

The British Isles offer some of the best landscape photography locations around. Check out our landscape photography workshops UK to find out more. Or even our photography workshop London page to see how you can improve your photography in one of the best capital cities in the world.

But it’s always nice to tick off places from your bucket list. What better way to do that than a photography workshop or tour.

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Even though we may not be able to travel right now, we are already planning our trips for 2020 and 2021. Our UK workshops in the Yorkshire DalesCornwallGlencoeDorsetLake DistrictCotswolds or London will be starting again soon.

Jordan Banks is a successful travel photographer and Lee Filters & Cruise America brand ambassador. With almost 20 years of experience shooting assignments and campaigns for some of the world’s leading brands, companies & tourist boards such as British Airways, Credit Suisse & Visit England. His editorial work has appear on the covers of National Geographic, Lonely Planet, Sunday Times travel and many more. If you would like to learn more from Jordan or join him in the field, why not join one of his travel photography marketing courses.

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