Beginners Guide to Adobe Photoshop – 1 day Intensive Workshop

£250 per person (21st July & 25th Aug 2019) – Maidenhead

Our Photoshop for beginners workshop will help you become proficient at photo editing on the world’s foremost used imaging software. We will guide you step by step through one of the most valuable software tools in your creative toolkit, Adobe Photoshop CC.

We will cover a range of content split into easy to manage sections so can follow along on the day. Our expert tutor will be on hand to guide you through and answer any questions you may have. Learn how to develop your digital files and film negatives as well as crop, retouch and transform your photographs by working creatively with layers, masks and filters. This will allow you to process images ready for printing or sharing in your portfolios.

What You Will Learn

– Photoshop interface essentials: Opening and closing documents, personalising your Workspace e.g. Window menu, Nesting + the History panel

– Documents and navigation

– Camera raw essentials

– File types: RAW, TIFF, PSD, JPG

– Workflow

– Cropping and straightening images

– Working with layers

– Transforming, distorting, and warping images

– Working with Smart Objects for photo manipulations

– Working with Layer Masks

– Making selections

– Essential blend modes

– Adjustment layer essentials

– Creative adjustment layer techniques

– Actions for creating automated techniques: e.g Dodge and Burn, Cross Process + downloading and installing Actions

– Adjustment layer essentials

– Basic shape layers – Vignettes, Shape Pops

– Retouching skills: Portraits, Fashion, Clone + Heal tool, Content Aware, Liquify, Brush Tool

– Combining multiple images: Levitation activity (Creative exercise)

– Filters

– Working creatively – what do you want to make?

– Review of final work – before and after

– Apply a watermark

– Working with libraries: Bridge + Lightroom

– Saving, storing and exporting: Safe for Web, DPI etc


Beginners Guide to Adobe Photoshop Dates: 21st July & 25th Aug 2019 – BOOK NOW

What you will need

Laptop or tablet with Photoshop installed (preferably any version above CS6)

A selection of images you would like to work on

Any hard drives or backup devices


Sun 21st July 2019 - Book Now (£250)


Sun 25th Aug 2019 - Book Now (£250)


Or if you cannot attend these dates, add your name to the waiting list for our beginners Guide to Adobe Photoshop and we will inform you of any future dates.

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