Baby photography is a growing genre of photography. Even if you don’t specialise in family photography, the chances are that you have been asked to take photos of friends or family member with babies. So here are a few tips for better baby photography.

Props and accessories

Props and accessories are an essential element of any newborn shoot. As a baby and toddler photographer, you are going to need supports, blankets, and backdrops to create these amazing family images that your clients have come to expect. The props don’t need to be expensive or large as newborn baby photography doesn’t require much space.

But you need to think about the type of scene that you want to create and set up your newborn session accordingly.

Focus on the details

Don’t just take classic portrait photos but instead, try and include a few details that you may not immediately think of. This could be a close up of baby’s feet or hands or a shot of a favourite toy. Whatever it is these little details will tell the unique story of the family photos in beautiful pictures for years to come.

Tips For Better Baby Photography

Ensure your photo sessions are safe

As with any family portraits you need to be aware of the safety of your surrounding and/or studio. But this is even more true with a newborn shoot, toddler photography and family photos with young children involved.

There are some obvious checks you can put in place such as having no pointed edges or cables lying about and always have a safe place to put your camera down. If that gets broken then your photography session could come to an abrupt end.

Select the time frame for the shoot

Newborn photography is best done within 14 days of birth. Babies are easiest to work with during this period as they are pretty much asleep the whole time. They are also at their most easy to adjust or move without bothering them which any family photographer will appreciate.

Use natural light

You don’t need to get too complicated with your baby photography lighting set up. A large window with lots of natural light will usually make lovely images. The other advantage of this is that it won’t disturb or upset the newborn during his or her photography session. Constant flashes going off in a portrait studio are not nice for any child to ensure.

Tips For Better Baby Photography

Learn to edit like a pro for better baby photography

The last tip on our list is still one of the most important tips in any newborn or toddler photography.

As a general rule, your baby and toddler photography will have a lighter and airier feel to it than most other styles of portrait photography or even family sessions. Learn to get your colour balance correct and even go as far as retouching images.

Newborns that are only a few days old can still have slight imperfections. That won’t last so don’t need to be remembered in your professional baby photos.

We hope you find these tips for better baby photography helpful. Always remember to keep your photo shoots short and the atmosphere calm. With the tips above you will be on your way for better baby photos.

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