Today we will be discussing the aluminium dibond print from One Vision Imaging. Dibond prints are produced as traditional photographic prints before being bonded to 3.5mm dipond board. Dibond is fashioned from two thin sheets of aluminium, with a polyethene centre making the print incredibly lightweight whilst remaining sturdy.

Selecting our Aluminium Dibond Print

We wanted to choose a strong, bold print that would truly test the dibond quality. We went with a night image from a very unique and colourful office building in Tokyo for the sake of this review. As the image was taken at night and lit by artificial light this meant that the image contains white highlights, pure blacks and almost every colour on the spectrum allowing us to accurately judge the clarity and tones.

Dibond Aluminium print

Prepping your image

The image had gone through our usual editing process of raw conversion in Adobe Lightroom, exported as a hi-res Tiff file before being touched up and colour corrected in Photoshop. One Vision will supply you with the ICC profile for the varying paper finishes here.

Print type and sealing

Aluminium dipond prints from One Vision are available in three paper types;

Lustre Fuji DPII Professional Photographic
Glossy Fuji DPII Professional Photographic
Metallic Professional Photographic

These are then sealed as either Satin Anti Scratch or gloss seals or unsealed. For the purpose of this review, we opted for the Metallic paper and unsealed.

Getting our hands on our aluminium dibond print

Just a few days after sending in the image our aluminium dibond print arrived at the studio. The product was incredibly well packaged with the print protected directly with tissue paper. There were also corner protectors put in place and it was all covered securely in bubble wrap. Gloves were also provided to avoid getting fingerprints all over your print when hanging. A nice touch and one that made me feel like a curator in a top museum.

We had opted for 24×16″ (61.40.6cm) print. One of the first things that struck me was how surprisingly light. As soon as I set eyes on the piece I was very impressed with the strong vibrant colours and the detail in the print, the colours were bold and the image was crisp and rich in detail. I have always been more of a fan of the traditional fine art papers subtly framed but here is a beautifully executed dipond print that is changing my mind by the second. The metallic finish really worked with our chosen image and gives the piece a stunning hi-end industrial feel.

Aluminium Dibond Print

How it hangs

Aluminium dipond prints are so light they can be hung with ease. The supplied wall-mount is firmly attached along with three pads that keep the frame sitting roughly 10mm from your wall.

Final thoughts on Aluminium Dibond Prints

We were really impressed with everything about this product and would highly recommend them for most occasions. The price of these products make them the perfect affordable solution to making your home, studio or office look stunning without breaking the bank or sacrificing quality.

One Vision Imaging

One Vision Imaging is a hi-end print and framing company based in the UK offering a range of photo products. Prints, canvases and acrylics are available in sizes from 6×4″ up to 60×40″.

One Vision Imaging are offering all That Wild Idea clients and subscribers a 10% discount on all wall displays and frames. Enter 10TWI19 at checkout to apply your discount.

Aluminium Dibond Print review

Size & price (£) options

12×8″ Dibond Print (30x20cm)(22.00) 26.40
15×10″ Dibond Print (38×25.4cm)(26.00) 31.20
A3 Dibond Print (29.7x42cm)(28.00) 33.60
18×12″ Dibond Print (46×30.5cm)(31.00) 37.20
20×16″ Dibond Print (51×40.6cm)(44.00) 52.80
24×16″ Dibond Print (61×40.6cm)(48.00) 57.60
20×20″ Dibond Print (51x51cm)(51.00) 61.20
24×20″ Dibond Print (61x51cm)(58.00) 69.60
30×20″ Dibond Print (76x51cm)(74.00) 88.80
30×24″ Dibond Print (76x61cm)(88.00) 105.60
36×24″ Dibond Print (91.5x76cm)(98.00) 117.60
40×30″ Dibond Print (101.6x76cm)(138.00) 165.60

For the purpose of this review, we were provided with the print by One Vision free of charge. The review is completely honest and unbiased and based on our first-hand impression and experience of the product and service provided.

Article and images are subject to copyright. Words and photos by Jordan Banks (That Wild Idea). Copying or reposting of photos or article elsewhere is strictly forbidden. Please contact us if you would like to use this feature on your website.

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