We first saw the Acrylic Box Frame at the photography show in Birmingham and were absolutely blown away with the print quality and hi end look & feel of these frames.

Personally I prefer the classic print and frame so would very rarely opt for acrylic over the more traditional methods. That has all changed since getting my hands on one of these. The acrylic doesn’t seem like an acrylic once framed in one of the three available moulds. Instead, the image appears to be backlit on a metallic paper very similar to that used by renowned fine art photographer Peter Lik.

Acrylic Box Frame
Looking amazing on the studio’s wall

Images are printed on gallery grade Fuji DPII paper which is bonded to a wooden back before 2mm thick crystal clear acrylic is used to seal the print. You have a choice of black, ivory or white 53mm wooden frames finished with a 22mm lip to round off the clean and stylish finish. Acrylic box frames are available in 10×8″ all the way to 40×30″.

Acrylic box frames look great at 10×8″ or 12×16″ but when you see them really big they look out of this world. They wouldn’t look out of place at the check-in of a high-end Vegas casino.

Acrylic Box Frame
The detail is incredible

Under the advice of the One Vision team, we opted to for a 50″ panoramic black frame with an image I had shot on a recent assignment in Zion National park. We sent the guys at One Vision a few suggestions of images and the space that we wanted it and that was the print they suggested and rightly so. The frame looks amazing and catches the attention of almost everyone who comes by our offices. What more could a photographer want than to have people compliment them on their work. The acrylic box frame really does show my work off in its best possible light.

Acrylic Box Frame

From the look & feel of acrylic box frames and of course my glowing review you could easily think that yes, whilst they look amazing they come with a price tag that reflects this. Not the case at all, acrylic box frames are very reasonably priced. The following is a list of standard size options and prices.

We have teamed up with One Vision and they have offered all That Wild Idea readers a 10% discount on their full range of frames. Just enter the code 10TWI19 at checkout to apply your discount.

Product NamePrice
10×8″(34.00) 40.80
8×10″(34.00) 40.80
12×8″(35.00) 42.00
8×12″(35.00) 42.00
15×10″(40.00) 48.00
10×15″(40.00) 48.00
14×11″(44.00) 52.80
11×14″(44.00) 52.80
16×12″(51.00) 61.20
12×16″(51.00) 61.20
18×12″(54.00) 64.80
12×18″(54.00) 64.80
20×16″(58.00) 69.60
16×20″(58.00) 69.60
24×16″(75.00) 90.00
16×24″(75.00) 90.00
24×20″(85.00) 102.00
20×24″(85.00) 102.00
30×20″(106.00) 127.20
20×30″(106.00) 127.20
30×24″(114.00) 136.80
24×30″(114.00) 136.80
36×24″(123.00) 147.60
24×36″(123.00) 147.60
40×30″(141.00) 169.20
30×40″(141.00) 169.20
5×5″(23.00) 27.60
7×7″(26.00) 31.20
8×8″(28.00) 33.60
10×10″(33.00) 39.60
12×12″(40.00) 48.00
16×16″(57.00) 68.40
20×20″(85.00) 102.00
24×24″(99.00) 118.80
30×30″(124.00) 148.80
Acrylic Box Frame

For the purpose of this review, we were provided with a frame sample by One Vision free of charge. The review is completely honest and unbiased and based on our first-hand impression and experience of the product and service provided.

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