Taking the perfect photo can be a challenge because of all the variables you have to consider, such as lighting, angle, composition, and others alike. It doesn’t get any easier when you travel either. 

In this article, we’ll help you to get the photos even in difficult situations during your travel. Here are seven travel photography tips for landing that perfect photo.


1. Take note of the sun

This tip, among all others, is the most important, as photography is all about light. In an ideal case, you want the sun to be behind you, lighting up your subject adequately. Otherwise, if the sun is behind the subject, you’ll get the “silhouetted” effect or darker subject. While this effect can be done intentionally, either way, you’d want a subject well lit for a photo in most cases.


2. Be creative

Don’t just stick to one single shot style just because you’re comfortable with it. Get creative and try out something new. Have you ever tried using harsh lights? They’re great at turning any photo into an eye-catching one. What about silhouettes? It’ll create a sense of mystery or calm, depending on the background. If you want to focus on only the subject and blur out the background, use a large aperture! 

Remember, experiment with different styles and techniques. You may find out a new method that you never knew you’d love so much.


3. Use the weather

Consider the weather and think about how you can use it in your next photoshoot. How will you use a grey or rainy landscape? How do you turn a blue sky into something worth looking at?

Adjust your style and subject depending on the weather. You can even look for clouds to add more interest to your photos.


4. Find some shade

If you want to take photos of people, shades are great to help your subject look much smoother and more balanced in terms of lighting. Shades reduce harsh light and shadows to create an even look. Just remember, even when you’re under the shade, pay attention to where the source of light is as that will affect how bright or dark the subject will become.


5. Implement depth of field

The depth of field, simply put, is which parts of the photo are in focus. As a photographer, it is one of the most critical skills you’ll have to master that’ll help you capture that perfect shot during travel. By knowing how to use this technique properly, you can create a myriad of shots from just a single scene.


6. Utilize street scene

On the streets, photography is all about capturing the moment. Here, patience and politeness are the two essential traits that’ll lead you to the perfect shot. This is because not everyone wants their face to be taken, so be sure that you ask permission before taking a stranger’s photo. If no one agrees, take a wide crowd shot instead, or focus on the goods they have for sale. You can even take a picture of the streets themselves—doorways, architecture, and others alike.


7. Learn to photograph people

If you’re insistent on taking pictures of people’s faces, become their friends first! Learn about their life, what they do, and where they’re from. Share your stories and, in the end, ask for permission.


The key to the perfect photo is to be a photographer that is unobtrusive yet persistent and patient. Stay on high alert and anticipate moments that are about to happen.

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Kav Dadfar is a travel photographer and author of over 350 articles on photography. He has years of experience shooting assignments with his images having been used by some of the biggest brands in the world.

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