Embarking on a photography tour is a fantastic way to develop your skill and knowledge under the guidance of a professional photographer. Aside from getting the chance to visit a dream destination, it’s also a perfect way to network with other photographers who share the same passion. However, you must dig deeper into the shiny details of the tour before booking one.

The prevalence of tour operators nowadays can diminish the fine line between great and unpleasant excursions. Here’s how you can discern the companies that leave positive memories from those who provide a bitter experience.

1. Is it a workshop or a photo tour?

Be clear whether you are booking a workshop or a photography tour because they do not have the same purpose, and tour operators can interchange them for the other. However, there are significant differences because workshops provide hands-on experiences while the guide teaches you on improving your photographs. Workshops involve capturing images and enhancing them through post-processing.

Photography tours, on the other hand, have guides who ensure that you are in the right place when the time is up. They don’t check your photos and give tips but more like looking after your welfare. They may provide some pointers, but you have the freedom to take any pictures you want while the guide takes photos on their own. Asking the operator on how they will conduct the tour reveals the difference between a photography tour and workshop.

2. Does the operator have local knowledge?

Joining a local tour operator or someone with local knowledge has its benefits. They know beautiful spots that other visitors do not visit, and they can address unexpected situations better. Likewise, they will organize a more authentic experience that leaves you with nothing but fantastic memories to cherish.

3. Is the tour’s price fair?

The price is not an accurate indicator of the experience you’ll get from the tour. However, while you can find tour prices in various ranges, the most expensive is not necessarily the best. You can compare several trips and check the inclusions for their price. Are lodging, meals, and transportation included in the package? What about entrance fees? Checking what the operator will provide gives you the best value for your money.

4. How many people are on the trip?

Bigger groups translate to generic experiences, even if there are several guides. You won’t be able to roam around one place for a long time, especially if the group size is a concern for that location. Staying at a beach with 25 other photographers can be chaotic and underwhelming because a tripod can disrupt your frame. Six to eight participants are the ideal group size for a photography tour, and anything beyond this is too huge for specific places.

5. Who will be guiding the tour?

Booking a tour that your favourite photographer organized doesn’t mean that they will be the guide. It’s possible that the renowned individual is lending their name to the workshop in exchange for money and that some other talented individual will instead be the guide. Avoid this frustrating experience by reading the fine print or other related documents regarding the tour.

Booking a reputable photography workshop tour allows you to improve your skills while visiting some of the best tourist destinations in the world. They must not be regular tourist tours packaged as photography tours. Instead, professional photographers must guide every unique journey and impart their knowledge on how you can improve your photography skills. Finally, make sure that the guides are approachable for questions to make the workshop more enjoyable and memorable.

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