Photography can be a pretty lonely hobby and career so intending to help people get together and socialise we have put together 5 reasons to join a photography club.

Photography Club

Reasons to join a photography club

You may not be aware of your local camera club but a simple google search for camera clubs near me will no doubt bring up plenty of results. UK camera club alone is well over one thousand so there is bound to be a club to suit almost everyone.

The majority of camera clubs have a varied group of photographers from the in the field shooting landscapes, wildlife, or weddings to the studio photographers preferring to concentrate on portraits or still life subjects but it worth checking out if any clubs are more geared towards your particular interests. At the bottom of this article, we have included a list of the camera club options available.


Trying to progress in photography all alone is no easy task. You won’t learn, you won’t progress, and more often than not you stay within your comfort zone never enhancing your range of skills.

Photography clubs often have a varied member base all with a range of interests and knowledge levels that you can learn from and improve your shooting skills.

Camera clubs have regular image critique and guest speakers with the latter being a fantastic opportunity to learn and be inspired by a range of very talented photographers in an intimate and unassuming environment.

Camera clubs that you are not a member of will often let guests attend guest speakers events for a small fee so check the camera clubs near me and see what’s coming up. Before you know it you will be overflowing with inspiration.

Camera Club


In almost any situation in life, you will find people who know more than you and this is no different from camera clubs. You can learn from the more experienced members and in turn, pass this knowledge on to the newer members.

Photography clubs often arrange workshops on various techniques from lighting to post-processing and everything in between. These could be in the filed or at the camera clubhouse and it’s always easier to learn in person than it is from a youtube video.


Photography clubs usually organize monthly competitions on a certain skill or genre. Competitions are a great way to learn and improve. Not only will you receive critiques from the judges but also other camera club members.

Camera club competitions are also great as they will be based around a certain topic such as black and white photography. This is great as it makes you get out and shoot and in an area that you aren’t always comfortable with.

Photography Club

Field Trips

Photography clubs are always arranging field trips to photo trade shows and events as well as further afield trips. My local camera club, Maidenhead camera club arranges yearly members shoot to some great locations to shoot. Lots of these locations would very expensive to achieve on your own but when traveling as a group things become much more affordable.

Lots of companies will provide club offers to add that extra little incentive to book with them. Making things even cheaper for you.

A second advantage is a sense of comradely travelling with friends. Lots of people are not comfortable travelling alone and photo trips aren’t a family-friendly activity.


Photography clubs have all sorts of members from pros to complete beginners. Pro photographers obviously make great contacts for any photographer but the other camera club members all have there own network of friends and family.

Who knows where these contact could lead, assignments, portrait shoots, or even weddings.

Camera clubs near me

Photography club list

As I have mentioned there are loads of camera clubs in the UK and worldwide. Below is a list of some camera clubs we have visited over the years. For anyone else looking to join a camera club a simple google of camera clubs near me will give you all the information you need.

UK camera clubs

  • Beacon Camera Club
  • Cheltenham Camera Club
  • Cambridge Camera Club
  • the Camera Club London
  • Bracknell Camera Club
  • Chelmsford Camera Club
  • Maidenhead Camera Club
  • Ilkley Camera Club
  • Abingdon Camera Club
  • Barking Camera Club

I hope you enjoyed this article on camera clubs and who knows we may even see you at one of our talks or workshops.

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