In this video Jordan Talks through 5 photographers you should know. With varying styles and genres what they each poses is a jaw dropping portfolio of images. With varying different disciplines from travel to landscapes and photo journalism this group of photographers produce some of the finest quality work and will keep you inspired for days.

I have wanted to make a video like this for a while now and the current lock down situation from the Covid 19 Pandemic gave me the time I needed.

These 5 Photographers have each inspired my work at different stages of my career. From the very beginning James Nachtwey inspired me to see the world in which I was photographing in a completely knew light.

As my career in photo journalism drew to a close photographers such as Peter Adams provided the inspiration to discover knew places, people and environments.

Richard Taylor has a great body of editorial work for some top end clients and I have been lucky enough to spend time shooting alongside him as I have Marco Bottigelli who is more of recent inspiration.

I’ve been doing this job for 20 years and I still learn so much from Marco. We spent a week together recently photographing in the Italian Dolomite’s and my head was exploding with ideas and techniques from our time together.

Lastly but by no means least on my list of 5 photographers you should know is Robert Birkby. Robert is an incredible landscape photographer and has inspired me to spend more time shooting the beautiful Island (UK) that I call home.

5 Photographers you should know

I hope you enjoyed our 5 photographers you should know video and are feeling inspired to go out and shoot. We would love to hear how this video has inspired you to get out and shoot, maybe you used different techniques or approach to your photographs. Whatever it may be we want to know and if you have any other photographers that have inspired you and your body of work.

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