Whether you’re a long-time professional photographer or just starting in this newfound hobby, preparing for a photography tour can be exciting yet nerve-wracking at the same time. You need to be bringing the right items with you, including camera equipment, but not to go all out to the point that you’re carrying your entire home on your back.

That said, here are three tips on how you can adequately prepare yourself for a photography tour:

Bring the right camera equipment

Since it is a photography tour, you will need to bring the right camera equipment for the occasion.

Remember, while an expensive camera might have cool features, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will take good or even better photos than you would have with a cheaper camera. However, to know what you exactly need to bring, you will need to do sufficient research beforehand. For example, research the location you’re going to. If you’re going to Africa to snap a few photos of wildlife, you will need to bring a telephoto lens. However, if you’re going to capture images at night, a lens with a wider aperture will be more useful.

In other words, where you’re going and what kind of picture you’re going to take will determine what you will bring for the photography tour.

Know your camera

The equipment you will be handling the most would be the camera itself. That means that even if you’re going on the photography tour for a learning experience, you will still need to teach yourself at least the basics of your camera.

The basics include ISO, aperture, shutter speed, and composition, among others. While you might not fully understand them yet, it helps to know a general idea of what they are and their functions. That said, try to study the camera itself as well. While the instructor might have plenty of experience with different cameras, yours might be something they have never experienced before.

In other words, study your camera before you use it. Not only will it help you learn during the tour much faster, but you’ll be able to use these settings to your advantage to take better photos rather than trying to figure out what each of these settings and functions does.

Thoroughly read tour-related documents

While you might feel that you’re way too busy doing other tasks that you don’t want to waste time reading documents from your tour guide, you will need to make sure to read them.

These documents will contain vital information about the tour, such as lodging, meals, admission fees, and equipment. With these pieces of information in mind, you will give yourself a better idea of what to expect during the tour. It’ll also help you know what kind of items you will need to bring so that you won’t accidentally bring extra pieces of equipment when they’ve already provided them.

Put simply, the document will tell you what to bring to thoroughly prepare for the trip as well as anything you will need to do before the tour itself.


Before you head out to a photography tour, remember the tips we’ve shared with you above. That way, not only do you better prepare yourself for the learning experience but also that you’ll be more than ready to snap beautiful photos to share with your friends and family!

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