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Our Travel, Landscape & Commercial Photography mentoring is ideal for those who are looking to take their photography and business to the next level. The goal is very simple, for you to get the help and guidance needed to improve your skills. This, in turn, will help you build a more successful and profitable business. We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to improve your photography. We can also help you expand and streamline your business whilst attracting more clients. Having a successful, full-time photographer guiding you along the correct path is not a guaranteed recipe for success. But it certainly helps.


1 to 1 Skype Sessions (3 hours) – £199 1st session, £130 thereafter

You have our undivided attention and are our sole focus for three hours. Before we get started we will send you a questionnaire to help us make a plan before our session starts. This will help you get the most out of your time spent with us. We have a unique approach to photography, marketing and our general business practices. This will open your eyes to a new way of thinking and fill your head with fresh ideas to revolutionise your business.

We can do portfolio reviews and pass on advice to improve your approach. There will be tips and advice on shooting techniques to attract your ideal clients. We can even discuss strategies for client meetings and proposals. It could be how to get potential clients through your website, social media or even trade shows.

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1 to 1 Photography Business Training Full Day (8 hours) + Follow Up Session (3 hour) – £350

These sessions can be either at our studio or a location of your choosing (extra costs apply if more than 50 miles of travel is required). The advantage of our full day session is a complete overhaul of your photography and business approach. There is time to provide you with far more information as we will have a full day. We want you to walk away with a clear path, the belief and enthusiasm to take your photography to new heights. As with Skype sessions, we will undertake similar, planning and preparation before our session. Included in the price is a 3 hour Skype follow-up session to assess your progress. We can also answer further questions you may have. We recommend doing this Skye session around a month after our session.

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Tailor Made Photography Day + Follow Up – £395

We are often asked how we produce the images we do on a day to day bases. The aim of the tailor-made photography days are to teach you how to take stunning images that your clients will want. From locations, lighting, approach, storytelling, image selection and finally editing. We can also help you with anything specific or any scenarios that you struggle with. Before your photography day, we will have a Skype call so we can discuss your goals and your preferences. We will then put together a tailor-made plan for your needs.

After our photography day, we will have a follow-up session. We will hold a Skype call to do an image review and selection before going through the editing process.

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*Extra costs might apply if more than 50 miles of travel is needed.


Long Term Mentoring – PAO

We also work with many photographers over much longer periods of time. This is usually 3 to 12 months. If this is something you are interested in then please get in touch and we can discuss it further. How this works is quite simple. After discussing what is best suited for you and your budget, we create a mentoring plan for you. There will be regular catch-ups and we will be on hand to offer advice and tips when needed.

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